‘Sup Magazine

‘Sup Magazine is the latest publication to reach the desk of mine. It’s a lovely music magazine filled with some really amazing interviews and photography. I like the offbeat design this magazine is going for with a constant font on all left-hand pages and a different font on all right-hand pages (never seen that in a magazine before). The paper also just feels right in your hands. In issue #20 they’ve got interviews with: Boy 8-Bit, The xx and Moss. If really don’t feel like purchasing the magazine (which I advise is the wrong decision) you can view every single one of the interviews online!

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Guest Bloggers #3

We’ve got four amazing people guest blogging this week on PICDIT. Yasmine Surovec runs an inspirational blog called a print a day. Brian Luman, all around amazing photographer, regularly updates his Flickr with fantastic photos. Romke Hoogwaerts posts interviews with different photographers on his blog, MOSSLESS. And, Sam Brewster, an extremely talented illustrator based in the UK.

I’m very excited to see what these guys have to post this week! 🙂