Blogger Interview: Jeff Hamada of

Jeff Hamada is the creative genius behind He’s also a talented artist with one hell of a portfolio!

Tell me a little bit about yourself!

When I was in elementary school I failed the third level of swimming and hated everyone who had their birthday party at the local wave pool.

What was your childhood like in Vancouver? Tell me one good memory of when you were a kid.

We would go camping every summer (still do), if you enjoy the outdoors this is the best place on earth.

What was your experience at Emily Carr like? Was it a valuable experience for you?

An artist named M. Simon Levin came and spoke to one of our classes and he talked about his work in such an accessible way that it excited me. There is often a lot of elitism in the art scene, an attitude like “if you don’t understand this then you are stupid”, and it was inspiring to hear from someone completely opposite to that.

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Photographer Interview: Ana Kraš

To start us off, we’ve got multi-talented artist, Ana Kras, who loves to draw, design furniture and most importantly, take photos. The photos you are about to see are truly special!

Tell me a little bit about yourself!

Hello, I’m Ana, I”m 25.6 years old.

Where did you grow up? What was your childhood like?

I grew up in Belgrade, those days it was the capital of Yugoslavia, but then the war happened and the country split in parts. I still live in Belgrade, (now the capital of Serbia). I remember my early childhood as a lovely time. My parents are really wonderful people and gave me lots of freedom and happiness. When I was 5-6 the war started. Next 10 years the conditions were quite a disaster. Closed borders, bombing, everyone poor and desperate. Even tho the possibilities and the atmosphere were really depressing, I must say I don’t have it in such a bad memory. I think it helped me to develop and be aware of life earlier.

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