Tom Murphy

Photographs by Tom Murphy. If you like these photos you will love the rest of his photostream on flickr. Currently one of my favorite contacts I always look forward to seeing his photos.

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Erwin Wurm

Erwin Wurm is an Austrian artist, famous for his One Minute Sculptures and for several “fat car” sculptures. Here are some of his other sculptures based around the motif of cars. On Leaning Car, “Wurm’s slanted view of our society drives him to disrupt the steady chain of production in order to fabricate an inclined automobile – a motionless sculpture expressing both unrest and motion.”

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Jake Blanchard

Hello there from London!

As I am an illustrator from the UK, I feel that I must represent the talent from this side of the pond; therefore my first post is some excellent work from Jake Blanchard,  an illustrator and screen printer from London.

He’s also the co-founder of Tor Press, who have some lovely zines and prints for you to buy.

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