14 Fantastic Photography Tumblr Blogs, You Need to Follow!

Photo by Kyle Scully

While compiling this list I realized that almost all of the creators of these Tumblr blogs are photographers — so click on their names to be taken to their respected Flickr pages.

  1. playing with fireKyle Scully is one of the raddest photographers out there. This is his personal site, where he showcases some of his own photos.
  2. kaliwirsch – A new one from the amazing photographer Jonas Kamm.
  3. if you leave – Exceptionally beautiful images on this one. Curated by Laurence Tarquin Von Thomas.
  4. show me pictures – Curated by Michael Sargeant.
  5. sabino – Photos Sabino Aguad comes across during the day.
  6. samesies – Photos that might look the same, but aren’t. Curated by Alex Carman, Dave Geeting and Sophie Curtis.
  7. fakirs & thieves – Another one from Kyle Scully. His friend Brendan also updates it with him. A nice selection of photographers on here.
  8. happy accidentJennilee Marigomen posts a ton of great photos to this one.
  9. l’oeil ailleurs – Good photographer selection, good interviews.
  10. jessica fletcher – Curated by Alexis Mastroyiannis
  11. not contentCherry Styles and Simon Marsham update this one. Full feature posts go up on the photographer, not just one image.
  12. pistol & fur – Photos, photos, photos.
  13. centirtis – Relatively new one on the scene but thought I would add it to the mix.
  14. mossfull – by Romke Hoogwaerts and Grace Leigh.

*** UPDATE!! (click here) ***

19 thoughts on “14 Fantastic Photography Tumblr Blogs, You Need to Follow!”

  1. wow, these are great. Playing with fire is my favorite.

    Here’s my photo blog if you’d like to check out my photography. scottyhk.tumblr.com

  2. im 17 and just started my photography blog, so just incase you wanted to check it out: sajinsul.tumblr.com

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