Photographer Interview: Ana Kraš

To start us off, we’ve got multi-talented artist, Ana Kras, who loves to draw, design furniture and most importantly, take photos. The photos you are about to see are truly special!

Tell me a little bit about yourself!

Hello, I’m Ana, I”m 25.6 years old.

Where did you grow up? What was your childhood like?

I grew up in Belgrade, those days it was the capital of Yugoslavia, but then the war happened and the country split in parts. I still live in Belgrade, (now the capital of Serbia). I remember my early childhood as a lovely time. My parents are really wonderful people and gave me lots of freedom and happiness. When I was 5-6 the war started. Next 10 years the conditions were quite a disaster. Closed borders, bombing, everyone poor and desperate. Even tho the possibilities and the atmosphere were really depressing, I must say I don’t have it in such a bad memory. I think it helped me to develop and be aware of life earlier.

When did you receive your first camera?

Hmm, the first camera I got and I could call mine was the Chinese action sampler called Hitic. My father brought it from China for me, as a present. I was taking pictures of dogs running. I was about 6 when I got it, as I remember.

Were any of your parents or siblings into photography?

Ooh no! My parents were almost never taking pictures. I have really a few photos from my childhood, but I must say in those few there are a few I really consider as masterpieces :). But recently I discovered my grandfather was a photographer in Paris! He left my grandmother and my mama and moved to Paris, to be a photographer. I have only one picture of him, he died before I was born.

Going through your Flickr portfolio is simply delightful, to say the least. Your photos all have such a perfect atmosphere to them. How do you achieve this? Is there some amount of preparation that goes into a photo before you hit the shutter?

Thank you 🙂 Well I usually shoot things and people that make me emotional, and it’s very personal. I don’t plan what I will shoot, it just happens, and those pictures are kind of a diary. That’s what i like in photography nowadays, it became more personal, and, I think, transfers more feelings.

How do you decide which of your photos make it onto your Flickr page?

Oh I must say I hate selecting my own work. I also have this love-hate relationship with Flickr, so sometimes I post a lot sometimes I don’t at all. I think I just post some pics that have to do with my mood at the moment I’m posting it. I’m not really arranging Flickr, I don’t even like it’s layout.  I’m working on my website at the moment, but as I am very busy it’s going very slow.

I also have this craziness that I usually don’t post pictures I like the most. Dunno why. I think I am keeping them secret for something in the future but heaven knows what. 🙂

Film or digital, which do you prefer? And why?

I shoot film, 35. I don’t have digital camera, I had a small bad one and it broke. I like taking only a few pictures, and I love the limit that film gives you. And also I like the whole process. Shooting, developing, scanning, waiting to see. I don’t like too instant things. And I hate too many pictures, it just don’t makes sense to me. I even think the fact that my grandmother had only 10 pictures in her all lifetime make all those 10 iconic.

What’s your take on photo manipulation? Do you see it as a good or bad thing?

Photoshop editing? I personally dislike it. It’s okay to maybe adjust brightness and resize.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to an up-and-coming photographer?

Enjoy taking pictures!

Got any big projects coming up?

They are quite small actually but they make me happy. I am working on a book now, and some other things. Big projects are coming up in furniture design, which is my main profession. photography is just making me happy and i don’t have any further plans for it.

Any final words?


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