Photographer Interview: Lukasz Wierzbowski

Poland-based Lukasz Wierzbowski is one talented photographer. Here’s our short conversation about photography!

Tell me a little bit about yourself?

Tall, blonde hair, blue eyes. 27 years old photographer.

Where were you born, and where are you currently located?

I was born and raised in a small town called Lubliniec (famous for a pretty good mental health hospital, women’s prison and military base). Few years ago I moved to Wroclaw to study social psychology and immediately have fallen in love with the city.

When did you pick up your first camera?

My father introduced me to photography when I was around 12. As far as I remember he tried to teach me how to us one of those heavy Russian rangefinder cameras. Although I was totally fascinated by the mechanism it was a way too complicated for to operate at that time so I quickly switched to my moms point-and-shot camera.

Why “only film”?

Call me old-fashioned but I feel like film – its eternal. It’s imperfect, challenging and it smells funny and that’s what I love about it.

In your opinion what’s the most satisfying part about taking photos?

Seeing the result in your head. It’s a kind of sweet illusion cos most of the time you end up with something different but the moment you see this perfect frame is totally priceless.

What percentage of the photos you take are for clients?

Not many, maybe a few percent. I tend to joke that I will probably end up on a street begging for money…

How do you decide on which photos make the cut for Flickr?

Usually it’s spontaneous decision but sometimes I make lists of stuff I want to show but I usually I end up changing my mind 100 times before I finally upload new photos.

How do you go about deciding on models/locations?

It’s something unnamed, some kind of chemistry that pushes me towards certain people and places. Working for the first time with someone that I have never worked before is inspiring and very addictive but there are both models and places that I like to rediscover by finding new details, gestures, emotions.

Tell me something nobody knows about you!

I have a sister that is 20 years older than I am and the red head girl that appears on many of my photos is her daughter and that makes me her uncle even though there is only five years difference between us.

Top 5 photographers?

Wolfgang Tillmans, Viviane Sassen, 
Stephen Shore , Martin Parr & Nobuyoshi Araki.

What have you got coming up?

There is a lot of things going on: both publications and exhibitions. I feel like everything is possible but I don’t want to rush things. Also currently I’m working on a tiny project called magnetic.elements which you can find here.

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