Photographer Interview: Kyle Scully

Kyle Scully is one of the best photographers in Vancouver. Here’s our convo.

Tell me a little bit about yourself!

I am 23 years old. I own five bicycles that I ride on a daily basis. I eat pizza. I listen to 60’s rock and I spend most of my time taking photos.

Were you into photography as a kid?

I’ve been taking photos ever since I can remember. As a kid I was living on a really steep street called Long Drive. It was similar to the ones in the movies with a scary name like “Dead Man’s Curve” or “Skull Smasher Hill”. Anyways, my friends and I used to race down the hill on our skateboards and bikes jumping off ramps. Taking photos of this craziness is how I first got into shooting photos.

I have never been to Vancouver, but it seems like a pretty rad place.  How would you describe the city?

For me, Vancouver has everything I could want in a city: nice beaches, mountains, relatively warm climate, and it’s easy to get around by bicycle. Yes, it does rain a ton. And yes, it can be depressing at times but as soon as the summer rolls around you forget all about the last 6 months of rain.

What cameras are you currently shooting with?

The list is always growing. The camera I like shooting with most is my Contax G with either my 28mm or 45mm lenses. When it’s something that I’m carrying in my pocket its usually my Yashica T5 or an Olympus Trip. As of late I’ve been trying to shoot more with my rangefinder/slr film cameras as opposed to the point and shoots.

What type of scenes/people do you enjoy photographing the most?

Shooting outdoors preferably in the middle of nowhere. I’m not really into shooting in a studio or setting up elaborately staged shoots. My ideal shoot would involve a exotic location somewhere (lake/ocean/island) with some close friends. I would love to shoot in Jurassic Park.

I’m interested to know the story behind this guy [below]!

This guy is honestly the best dressed man in Vancouver. I have never seen him wear the same outfit twice. He’s always out at night walking the streets with his signature Ikea clock around his neck. We always high five when we see one another and then I snap a photo. I can’t count how many photos I have of him.

Also would you mind sharing the story behind this one [below]?

This is just a regular kind of night for my friends and I. Ghost riding is really popular on the west coast at the moment.

Why do you photograph people’s tattoos?

I find it interesting and sometimes hilarious what people will get tattooed on themselves.

Do you do any commissioned photography? Or is it all personal work?

Most of the subjects in my work are things I come across in my everyday life. I’m working on a few commissioned projects at the moment, which I’m fairly new to but I would love to do more of them future.

Can you describe one of the shows you’ve been in?

I was recently part of a show called “Get Well Soon” that happened in Toronto at the 107 Shaw Gallery. Unfortunately I couldn’t be there but the opening looked to be a wild night.

Top 5 photographers?

Alec Soth, Jody Rogac, Ray Potes, James Nizam, Sylvain-Emmanuel P.

Got any exciting things planned for the coming months?

I’ve been asked to participate in The Cheaper Show 9 here in Vancouver. I’m really excited to show with so many talented artists. The line-up is incredible. I’m also working towards a solo show later on this year.

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