16-Year-Old Shania McDonagh’s Award Winning Drawing

16-year-old-shania-mcdonagh- drawing

16-year-old Shania McDonagh won a national art competition in Ireland for her incredible pencil drawing, titled “Coleman”. The original photograph is by James Fennell, depicting fisherman and seaweed harvester Coleman Coyne. Thousands of young students participated in the competition, although McDonagh came out on top. She will be presented with her €1,500 first-prize reward at the prize giving ceremony in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham next month when all of the 126 winners will be in attendance.

The chairman of the judging panel Professor Declan McGonagle said: “Her work has established her as one of the most talented artists of her generation, and one whose skill could see her become one of Ireland’s foremost portrait artists of the future.”

A few more drawings by McDonagh:



6 thoughts on “16-Year-Old Shania McDonagh’s Award Winning Drawing”

  1. Hi Shania just seen some of your portraits yesterday and I think they are fabulous.
    Would it be possible to buy a picture from you
    I would treasure it forever.
    All the best Andy

  2. Hello Shania, Congratulation on your achievement first. i am Ying Cai. i am an artist too. i am one of the best top 10 pencil sketching artists in Singapore / UK / Australia and few other countries. i am originally singaporian. As well, i am an art gallery Co-founder in Singapore / Denmark. i would like to invite you to join with us. we can help you to develop your skills, learn more techniques, and participate for lot more international competitions in different part of the world. as well, we can publish your work and we can give the international attention to you since you are a very talented young artist. Since this is public place, i am not allowed to write privet details which i must talk with Shania or her family member.

    This is my blog if you want to see some of the work :

    my Email : yingcaipainting@gmail.com

    Note : i need to contact Shania as fast possible. more details once contacted.

    thank you,

    Ying Cai

  3. My 16 yr. old daughter, Cristianna, also has a talent and love of art, particularly sketching, as Shania does. Cristianna would love to share her artwork with her and learn new techniques together.

    Could someone please contact Shania McDonagh to see if she would like to connect with Cristianna by email or Skype? Our email is: s.duvall@cox.net and our Skype address is: smdjpd.

    Thank you,
    Sherry Duvall (Mom)

  4. Shania, Wonderful drawing, not only the obvious detail, but the overall lighting and personality. May I ask what paper you have used? Have fun.Johnny Wales Sado Island, Japan

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